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Christian Healing Minstries (Francis MacNutt)

 India: reports of miracles in remote region 

  Healing Testimonies   Many healing stories at this site - like this one:
這網站記載很多被治癒的故事 - 包括以下故事:

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Christian Assemblies International

A Friend Healed of Malignant Cancer By Christiane, Solicitor/Barrister (Germany)  

“My name is Christiane and I would like to pass on the testimony of the healing of a friend of mine whose name is Rita.
She was diagnosed with a malignant cancer, located between the forehead and the brain.
She was meant to have an operation, but she was unsure about it and asked me for advice.
I didn't know what to do, so I prayed about it.

Rita received word that this operation would take place within a few days. She went to Berlin for the operation, but I continued to pray for her.

They did many examinations there. Rita then excitedly rang me to pass on the amazing news that all the pre-operation tests had shown no signs of cancer. There was absolutely nothing!!!
They had examined her very thoroughly and had found nothing, although she had previously clearly been diagnosed with a serious form of malignant cancer.

Praise the Lord for this miraculous healing!”  

Christian Assemblies International

A Friend Healed of Malignant Cancer
Christiane - 律師/大律師(德國)著






How to release God's healing power through prayer
- excellent summary of how to pray for the sick

Healing testimony of Fr John Rea S.M. (New Zealand)