Other stories from the past  of how Jesus healed people    
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A healing story from p. 13-14 of Healing Adventure by Anne S. White 
is at the top of this link ....describing how a young boy's asthma was healed when his mother forgave someone who had offended her ....showing how sickness, not always but sometimes/often, is linked to non-physical factors

1940 (?)  USA  - from p. 48 of "The Healing Light" by Agnes Sanford

A young man was dangerously ill in hospital.  His aunt was at his bedside.  One evening she asked Agnes and a group of friends to pray for her nephew. They arranged to pray for him at 9.30pm, and asked the aunt to place her hands on the man at exactly 9.30....and act as a channel of the Lord's healing life.
At 9.45 the young man said  "Aunt Lucy, what's happening to me?  All of a sudden I feel fine. I don't hurt anymore".
The hospital kept him one more day for tests....all tests negative....and the next day, being perfectly well, he dressed and went home. This incident is on the Baltimore hospital records.
"It's a miracle", the doctors said

Dear Jesus, please teach me how to pray for sick people



這件事記在巴尔的摩醫院(Baltimore hospital)的記錄上。這是一個神跡,醫生說。

1950 (?)  UK - a beautiful testimony about the gift of healing
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Could someone please translate this testimony into Chinese?

And....can anyone find anything about "Br. Joseph" on internet?
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  From "God at Eventide", July 20: 
Do not recognize your illness. Each time you speak of it to others, you stabilize it.
Ignore it as much as you can. Think more of Me, the Great Healer

Psalm 41
Happy the man who helps the poor and the weak.
The Lord will help him on his bed of pain.
The Lord will bring him back from sickness to health